Dear Editor,

I think the political turmoil should be left to our Parliament members to solve.
The Solomon Islands Council of Trade Unions (SICTU), at this point of time, should not intervene because they may further accelerate the current political turmoil.

They claim to represent the interest of the people of Solomon Islands whereas in fact they are not elected, unlike the parliamentarians who are elected. SICTU should not point fingers to who is wrong because it is difficult to know what's going on in both sides.

However they should call on both of them (government & opposition) to quickly solve the issue. SICTU should not accuse the government without understanding what the government issues are. I am surprised to hear that SICTU claims the government had focused on issues not really important to our nations, what issues were they referring to?

Does SICTU mean that sovereignty is not important our nation? I think it's now time that we Solomon Islanders should work together in order to rebuild our nation give constructive suggestions and solution that will help us forward.

God Bless Solomon Islands.