A Mr Clive Wang makes comment that he fails to understand what the problem is with delaying the Soloman Islands elections.

I think he has overlooked some very important points:-

PM Sogavare claims that it is not possible to hold the elections on-time because due to the cost of the Pacific Games, they don't have the money.

Elections for a Democratic Government are set at a fixed term so that the "people" can choose to retain a poor performing Government or kick them out.

Given that a generous Australia has offered to fully fund
the elections to be held "on-time", what is the real motive behind delaying the elections?

It is also important to note what was revealed about the Solomon Islands Government as a result of an ABC investigation.

In addition what actually happened when certain pro Sogavare Minister's, who went to their electorates to poll the people on their thoughts regarding delaying the elections. How they were received by the people is a fair assessment of what "the people" think about delaying the elections.

The fact that these pro Sogavare Ministers were "run-out-of-town" by their electorate is an apt statement of how unpopular the proposal is and was.

Then there is the interference with, or the "muzzling" of "free press" in the Solomon Islands under order of PM Sogavare.

First and foremost, the people of the Solomon Islands determine who is in Government and what the term of Government is. PM Sogavare under a Democracy, has no authority to change the constitution without consulting "the people.

The blatant lack of transparency as to where all this money, claimed to be $3 million to each pro Sogavare Minister came from, how was it justified and how did the "people" benefit? They certainly were not listened to!

Mr Clive Wang would do well to listen to what the Opposition Party in the Solomon Islands Government is saying about this and what their concerns are. That is if Mr Wang cares about retaining the Solomon Islands as being a free country governed under Democratic system of government.