I am just an old man-over 70 but as someone who grew up in the aftermath of WW2 and also travelled across the Pacific twice in British Ships to Australia before I was eight years old I'm familiar with the area more than many Americans. I had to sing God Save the Queen in Canberra wearing my Griffin uniform and Princess Margaret visited. Not a typical American childhood and I loved the Fiji islanders singing!

A lot of politics seems to be going on around the Solomon Islands and it seems the idea is to use the Islands as an arena in the media for the ongoing "competition" between the west and China. I'm very familiar with the history in WW2 and all the numerous horrible battles between the Empire of Japan and Allies mostly the USA. From my perspective when I heard about the Solomon Islands signed a "Security Agreement" with the Chinese? I was horrified!!!! A member of the British Commonwealth and then denying a US Coast Guard Ship port access to refuel etc.??? This to me was unbelievable. This was the area the Japanese invaded to control the whole region and it sends shivers down my spine. Why would the Solomons want to sign up with such a regime as Communist China? Sure they probably offered a lot of money to top leaders but the western media is playing this up and I even called my Congressman. From my perspective we paid in blood for the Solomons to be free from all big powers including the USA for military purposes or "Security" operations which just seems "sinister".

I think given the history and relationships with Australia, the USA, UK and being a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations the 'security agreement" with the Communist Chinese is an alarming signal they don't need to send and a real slap in the face to long time partners and friends. Why? Given the Chinese tendency to say one thing and do another? I have family that fought there in WW2-just buried in Ft. Snelling here in MN, I lived in Australia in Canberra, and my wife is from the Philippines and to be honest if I was the President the Seventh Fleet would be dropping anchor, planting the flag and making the islands a US Territory or whatever it took to keep the Chinese "security" whatever it is out. Given the present political regime in Communist China and their ambitions militarily and hostility to the US and west was this a wise move by the Solomon Islands?

The Solomons does not need some possible Chinese military "operation" in their islands which mirrors what the Empire of Japan did. That did not go well for anyone. I would advise neutrality rather than get mixed up between two great competing powers and realize the message of not allowing US ships to put into your ports. It sure had a very negative effect on me and I love the South Pacific and Solomons.

I hope the Solomons can just stay out of the "competition" between the west and Communist China but remember it's history and long standing ties in case of need.

I can only imagine the alarm bells going off in Washington DC. Canberra, etc. which serves no-one's interests.