To the Solomon Island People.

The recent days has been interesting to read about as a nation that I have always kept in my heart has entered the world stage.

Its been a new experience to read words written in the social media sphere about how nations that have long histories in helping the Solomon Islands are nothing and that China the new nation is better.

Its difficult to read about a nation I was born in and that my family has cared about so much has become nothing more than a ball in a game to be fought over.
I hope and pray that in these days, that you have wisdom and comfort.

I just want to say that as someone who loves your nation and knows my own, that many words are being said in these days that are not quite true. As someone once said, NZ and Australia do think of the Pacific as our back yard.

But the backyard is the place that we share with friends and family, it is our safe place. The place that we invite our family to join us in and to share our meals. It is not the place that we ignore and have no feelings for.

I hope that you will have your elections as sport is for today but your choice of leaders is for the rest of the days. I wish you well and lukim yu, na stap esi.

Keep well.