I am so pleased that the United States sent a high ranking delegation to meet with the leadership and people of The Solomon Islands. I will be contacting the Secretary of State to see how I might volunteer in official and people to people pro grams to strengthen the relationship between the United States and The Solomon Islands. I had a chance, on a research journey to Gizo, to experience the wonderful people of The Solomon Islands . I came away with an incomparable feeling of brotherhood. My often traveling partner was Mr. David Bolton, a cab driver in Honiara at the time, who guided my every step around that wondrous island. If any readers know him, tell him that Tyrone K. Yates is grateful for his support. I met other important citizens whose help and guidance remains of great memory and thanks. I had the opportunity to visit Plum Pudding Island where President John F. Kennedy was marooned with the crew of PT 109 in WWII not far from Gizo. Kennedy and his crew were rescued, in large part due to citizens of the Solomon Islands and I am forever grateful for that. I hope to visit again as soon as possible. I am thrilled that the US plans to reopen its Embassy. For the memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, may the US and SI have the keenest connections for the purpose of warm relations and the promotion of your nation's people, education, and democracy. But for the citizens of SI in August 1943, JFK would not have been President of the US. We owe a great debt to the Solomon Islands which I hope to personally support in repayment by mutual good deeds.