With much conern for the people and futrue of my beloved Solomon islands. I for one do not point finger to the ministry responsible for the up rise of HIVAIDS, for lack in informing the public of the HIV cases. I think this ministry reports what information it collected. Remember newly report cases suggests, there are potentially unknown cases out there which can only be confirmed thru blood test.

Moreover, the mentioned infection is the the result of individual behavior and it needs all to participate in the busness of preventing yourself if you do care in the fight against HIV/AIDS. If you really concern, these are the ways the virus can be transmitted , sexual contact with infected person, sharing needles/syringes (rarely in countries known to blood screened) and Baby born to HIV infected women(before,during birth and breasfeeding after birth).Or else one may put the blame on authority resonsible and the patients i suggest, you and i are also responsible in whatever to help our country and lets be kind and friendly to our brothers and sisters whom been diagnosed with HIV.