China is a colonial superpower that is spreading its colonialism around the world. At least 1,000,000 Chinese people, China’s PLA amongst them, now live and work in Africa. Ostensibly they’re there to work on BRI projects.

The Solomon Islands and their PM is only the latest in a large number of typically economically weak developing countries that have fallen into communist China’s debt and security trap.

It’s likely that Chinese communists have been training and cajoling Solomon Islands leaders for a long time, as has happened in so many other countries, over decades, not just recently.

It will be up to the Solomon Island people to do something about the Chinese.

The Solomons is supposed to be a democracy.

The people can vote out the government that signed the agreement with the communists, and then summarily cancel the agreement.

The Chinese can then be told to leave. Other nations will help if the Chinese do not leave when asked.