My fellow lovers of liberty in the Solomon Islands: The newfound security agreement between the Solomon Islands and communist China sends all sovereign nations into a state of peril. A stone's throw away from Australia, and 3000 miles from my old Hawaiian stomping grounds, Chairman Xi Jinping's attempt to coerce the Solomon Islands represents his strategic long game to achieve global domination. In the Second World War, the West fought insidious imperialism on the Solomon Islands. If we wish to remain champions of humankind, we must push back against authoritarian attacks at our front doorstep. China will build a military base on the former British protectorate of the Solomon Islands just as they have done in the Spratly Islands. These totalitarian tests of our resolve must be met with determined diplomatic efforts to remind the Solomon Islands of their importance in our collective alliance. Our response to this crisis will determine the fate of Taiwan and the entire world. The United States must convey the future possibility of relations with the Solomon Islands void of China's persistent efforts to pry liberal governments into their clutches. The United States-Solomon Islands partnership is limitless. In the face of fear, we must propel ourselves forward with full faith in freedom and the mechanisms of democracy that uphold it.