To the beautiful people of the Solomon Islands, wow... money speaks all languages, during ww2 Australians fought and died with the Solomon Islands people.

The Solomon Islands Campaign cost the Allies approximately 7,100 men, 29 ships, and 615 aircraft.

Why does China want the Solomon Islands? Look at other countries that have let China in with Money, THEY CANNOT PAY THE INTEREST,,,, So they give up Land, Ports, etc.

How much aid does Australia give to Solomon Islands?

Australia has long supported Solomon Islands with foreign aid, including an additional $250 million commitment announced in 2019, and the 13-year RAMSI mission to stabilise the country on which Australia expended over two billion dollars.

As an Australian who's dad and grandfather fought in WW1 and WW2, I feel so sorry for those Islanders that are going to be policed by China, O that's right their looking after their interests, ON YOUR LAND.

One of many Aussies that feel let down.

Take Care