I think it’s judicious for the US and China to have their representatives [office] in our country. While we have human resources from China and the US in the Solomon Islands, we need their hierarchy officers’ presence for the purpose of assisting their people who travel or live and work in the Solomon Islands.

We also need their office because in the future Solomon islanders may want to go and work, run business, participate in tourism activities and even study in either the US or China, thus we need their presence to facilitate these programs.

Through interaction with an embassy, if it exists on our shore, Solomon island leaders and various institutions will have an increased understanding of China and the US and its policies and collaborate on shared interests.

We need them not only for the development of infrastructure as the premier for Malaita is anticipating; they can help Solomon island find better business investors to come into our country as China is currently doing, and maybe train our police force and military to support better security service in our country.

I do not see anything wrong with either China or the US having their deputation in SI. We need to know their policies, but unless they are here, we will not be aware of them.

So our leaders must be prepared to portray a friendly and cooperative role and institutional discussions with the embassy likewise the embassy. Just as cooperation and communication can promote good relations, misunderstanding and disagreement can lead to deterioration and bad relations as well.

China and the US are not coming here to destroy our unity, but rather help us unite together for SI development aspirations. The US is not here to focus on a particular province as many have claimed. An embassy representative is not here for a particular province, but for SI.

In addition, SI necessitates an embassy that provides support for different NGO, organisations,business, schools and other organisations they see fit and likable to their embassy's mission. More importantly, SI needs an embassy that can help in the social and economic sectors. In the end this can create an atmosphere of independence and prosperity for the people of SI.

Again, I wish to acknowledge and appreciate the decision of the US to re-establish its embassy in SI.