It is very interesting to watch and observe the game of politics and how it's been played in Solomon Islands now. It is apparent now that the interest of the people and the nation is more a secondary matter to political power and vengeance. The opposition and the government are breathing downs each other's neck and attacking each other making them looking like two kids fighting over a candy.

We, the people, are tired of playing politics because we are neither participants nor beneficiaries of your political games. Hope in this current House for any improvement in our country is fading because whoever takes charge will always be destroyed by their very colleagues, the opposition. Fono and his colleagues brought down the Sogovare Government. The Opposition is again on the trail looking for an opportunity to take vengeance. I think very lately they got it and they are staging the motion of no confidence in the big house.

Where are we heading in this kind of political confusion? One thing tells me for sure that we will neither move forward nor remain the same. Times wasted, votes wasted, resources wasted, the politicians are continuing fighting over the political candy while the people of this nation continue to suffer. Where is this country can we find a symbol of pride for the people and the nation which reflect our government?

I'm not denying the fact that our government had and has been doing so much for our country. That can never be denied. However, thirty years has gone and I don't think our country is mature enough as a 30 year old person financially, economically and socially.