It's a real pity you guys contracted the virus, it's tough even for the richest of countries to control, let alone contain Covid-19.

Have some great memories in Sols. Such a beautiful place with so much potential.

Just my thoughts based on what am seeing online, you guys should start preparing for the second wave. It's only a matter of time, this first wave will give you guys important lessons.

One thing I noticed is your government eased restrictions very early, resulting in a spike in cases. So there is natural immunity, but that may not protect you for omicron which seems to evade immunity from delta and earlier strains.

Omicron is strange, seems to have a mind of its own, making up its own rules when infecting people. I had delta and omicron, both similar symptoms, both had a good go at my immune system even though am fully vaxed.

All I can say is prepare for the second wave, strengthen your health systems, invest in health measures that prevent the spread, and where possible enforce them. Complacency is a killer, and we've seen that the World over.