Dear Editor,

Thank you for allowing me to share my view on the caption 'betelnut road side selling is illegal'.

As an indigenous citizen of this beloved country, I am absolutely happy and welcome the initiative taken by the police to step up their duty and to arrest all betelnut roadside vendors who are not abiding to rules of government.

However, this is not the only group bridging the law, there are others that must be considered also. On the other hand, we must discourage the attitude of not carrying out the law until something happens. This is what we see every now and then. The responsible authority are too slow to act or respond to such activities. This delay has led to fast emerging of such illegal activities everywhere in the capital.

A father must teach his son when he is young don't wait until he is an adult it will be difficult to correct. In this like manner the responsible authority is to do to such illegal activities. To conclude, I call on all citizen of this nation to respect our laws, so we would live peacefully with one another and enjoy the environment.