I am a bit surprised that we decide to shorten our curfew hours when more people are dying.

When our PM talk to us he says if we move around the virus will move, and even if we do not have the virus we will catch it. Also, PM told us that 1 in 2 in Honiara is infected with the virus.

But than we decide to shorten the curfew hours, so already many people are moving, and spreading the virus. Maybe there is a good reason for this idea, but I observe people drinking and socialize over the weekend as soon as curfew extend. For some of us we will only obey if there is a strong move by authorities like police, if they are not arresting people than we will see more careless attitude.

But please government need to explain to us why they decide to let people move around by limiting curfew. Why is this? What is the reasons? People are dying and we are not doing alot more to controlling people movement.