Covid 19 eligible populace at KTown in Makira Ulawa Province are now in desperate wish for vaccination after the first eruption of covid 19 case was publicized lately.

Crowded folks at the vaccination sites show nervousness. This indicates how inconsiderate and stubborn people were to the 2 year hard advocacy from the health department for them to be vaccinated.

It is now time people must learn from their blunder so that they do not replicate the same scenario when similar pandemic occur in future.

According to observation people's own beliefs, and instigate influences from others withheld them from coming forward to receive their jabs.

It was so sad from my observation that most of the people who refuse vaccination are villagers who did not attend any routine academic learning while the minority have reached high and university level.

Yet church pastors, worldwide executive leaders powerfully maintained and echoed to their congregation that it is 666, a number that symbolize antichrist. These speculations are groundless.

Movement initially known as underground and humans without beings, now known as platform for short, moving around in their communities without being vaccinated. Nurses closer to their sites have concern and wanted PEDOC to do something. PEDOC action measures do not have any concern over these people. This is really bad.

While some of us continually urging people to be vaccinated to protect them and others, some hooligans still resist and enjoy freely government services and do marketing in their villages. NO JAB NO Access Services policy should be introduced. We are not stopping the services but we want to protect every one.
What is MUPG gonna do with the platform. They are winning the race.

I call to you the entire platform if you access my note to come forward and take your jab.