Dear editor,

Since the detection of the first 7 cases of Covid-19 in Western Province rumours and misinformation has been spreading like wildfire amongst the local populace.

Although a lock down has been announced for a number of days previously, it was delayed to be enforced by the police since, it has to be blessed by the oversight committee before being implemented. In addition, information regarding the number of cases and their location were never made known to the general public.

According to the current protocol, information regarding positive cases were to be reported to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services incident controller whilst also informing the chairperson of the Provincial disaster operations team.

However, only brief information regarding the total number of cases were announced by the Minsiter of Health and Medical Services in his daily updates.

As of today the Minister has announced that Western Province has registered 60 postive cases of Covid-19. However, no one really knows the whereabouts of these cases. This has the potential of further worsening the current community transmission.

Covid-19 is everybody's business and therefore, the general public needs to be reliably informed so that they can participate as well by reporting people movement and enforcing no go zones as well in their communities. Moreover, the government should make good use of the local broadcaster-radio happy lagoon to disemminate information to the people of Western Province. Covid-19 should not be treated as a secret. It's everybody's business.