It is sad to see our country go through this, it was a matter of time, no country in the world is immune.

Sad to say but it will be near impossible to contain the spread. It took almost a week before the first case was detected after exposure, sad to say but it is too late as the positive case numbers have shown - 50 to 60% positivity rates is very high.

Lockdowns will not work, it's too late to adopt that strategy, it is widespread throughout all of Honiara.

For Honiara government should just allow things to go ahead as normal and just keep testing, and go out to the communities just to get a sense of the spread. Watch the numbers and just prepare for those that may be seriously ill.

The numbers will peak at some point, by than most of Honiara will either have some immunity through vaccination or because they were infected.

For the province, do hard lockdowns, test and contain the spread. Push the vaccination drive hard in these areas. Much of the effort now should be in the province, Honiara has lost the fight before it started.