Solomon Islands; Strong, young and beautiful.

She was in her early forties,
She was a single mama
Raised 9 children on her own
With the help of wantoks; as our culture was.
She was strong
She was young
Oh She was beautiful!

Her Children grew up; beautiful grandkids they gave her.
Covid19 affected the world but she kept her family safe.
They just celebrated her 43rd it was a quiet one.
She was happy and content
Thankful, Grateful, Blessed.

She was looking forward to Christmas
Borders soon will open;
To have some of her children back
And pray for the ones who are gone.

She looked forward to the laughter
that will soon echo from the islands along the beaches.
It’s the time of the year again she smiled.
Soon she thought to herself,
that familiar smell of island BBQ and bonbon will waft in the breeze
as families enjoy the islands, the new ukulele song and sharing jokes on the beach.

On Friday morning she awoke to smell the smoke
Not from the fire that roasted a pig,
Not from the hot motu stones,
Not from the embers from under the BBQ plate.
She knew her home now lay in ruins
Just because of her Children’s bad decisions.

She knew she taught her Children well
But still she wondered where she went wrong.
That day she cried for the home she made
But only a few tears she could shed for
She is strong
She is young
and she is beautiful.

Today her Children are in the streets
Picking up the mess
Masks and gloves and garbage bags
They are smiling and holding hands
Single Mama’s heart is full,
She tried to hold back happy tears
She knows she has taught her children well.
"Thank you God" she says, "I am blessed."