During the two day ordeal, where I lived in Ngossi West Honiara was peaceful, BUT it was not the kind of peace that produced rejuvenation to the soul and positive vibes.

It was the kind of peace so quiet yet so loud that it was defeaning and piercing to ones ears hidden to the rest of the world. We were relieved our side of town was calm but we were on high alert, filled with fear for our countrymen on the Eastern side of the Mataniko.

As I travelled up east on Friday morning, I saw the heart wrenching sight of burnt buildings, burnt vehicles and looters young and old; male and female parading off with their loot. My heart ached for my country.

Today as we help pick up the pieces from the mess created let us pray that we be better than we were yesterday, we cannot change the past but we can only try to help rebuild our country.