It's regrettable that people have the nerve to take the law into their own hands and claim that they are doing justice for their people.

A simple saying, "Two wrongs do not make a right " speaks volumes in this situation and other such situations.

Be reminded that all authorities are annointed by the highest authority in the universe, the kingdom of God. So if for some reasons your authority goes out of hand or You are dissatisfied with it's performance, there is only one place to change it, go back to where it was formed, the floor of parliament.

And there are also annointed persons who are given the authority to do it for you, your elected leaders. That's why they are elected in there, to speak on your behalf.

If the government is failing, your leaders are failing. Don't go destroying properties to think that you could force your ideas or dissatisfaction down the PM's throat and expect change to happen. This is childish, it shows that you can not be a leader. You're a coward, you cannot constructively argue your point and ideas and ideals. The cheapest thing you do is to vent your dissatisfaction to properties that can't argue with you.

Note also that the PM is only one person in the cabinet he can not change anything he only signs off what is desired by the cabinet. In saying this, if protest is to be considered it should be on the floor of parliament.
So if and when you want change, change the mindset of your elected leaders so they effect your choices. If not, CHANGE them in the next election.

AVOID being an anarchist.. it's against the Kingdom principle of God. I hope you learn from your elders and your God.

God bless you and your beloved country.