NFP & Telekom management may try to use the fact that there is only one monopoly of Telecommunication in the country at their advantage. The fact that there is only one Telecommunication Employer means that Telekom & NPF may seem to have power. Therefore, it may seem to be a problem. However, is a fact of monopoly that we can realise. This is why we must stop monopoly. Monopoly does not give choice. There is no alternative in monopoly. There is only one control in monopoly.

Telekom staff must not be afraid to go for mass resignation. Do not be afraid to stand for what is right. Where there is no pain, there is no gain.

We will have new Telecommunication soon so you can change employer. But if not, then why not start your own Telecommunication Company in the country. A local company owned & operated my Solomon Islanders. You have all the expertise. All you need is finance. SWOT analysis is on your favour. It is enough to be an employee, think BIG and be an employer. Start a new company.

Go Solo Go!!