Congratulation to the coach, players and officials for participating in the recent Futsal World Cup. Thanks also to the SI Government for funds.

Your efforts are not wasted in fact we have to start somewhere and sacrificed. Public criticisms are natural not considering the impediments encountered. During the last game, the commentator have said that the Solomon Team qualifying for the world Cup is a miracle because of no proper facilities for the game here at home.

Other neighboring countries have the facilities but were unable to enter the world cup like us. I am pretty sure we will get there at the right time. But there are conditions to meet and they are as following:
1. Proper facilities for the futsal
2. Encourage more youths to enter futsal at an early age
3. Get to recruit qualified people to train youths both gender
4. The Government must fully responsible and support sports in the country

I would like to see that the continuation and getting ready for the upcoming South Pacific Games should be a message to get excited about. We have to focused until we played and win to proof that we are the king of futsal in Oceania.

My prayers are with you and I wish you all the best of futsal in the future.