Yesterday was the cut of date for Public Service Officers and others without being vaccinated for COVID 19 will be self terminated or not be able to access their work place.

Well for the good of our country in fighting against the Virus and protecting our fellow citizens, I think its a good move done but, i was concerned regarding salaries of those Public Service officers who will not be at their respective workplaces still accessing/receiving their salaries.

Do we have legal legislation available to cater for ceasing their salaries as well for not taking their jab?

Just confuse , in case those officers remain at home but still receiving their salaries, a bit unfair for us who are taking jab n attending work.

From rumors heard, there might be orders for officers without being vaccinated for Covid 19 wont be able to attend work but their salaries will be untouchable. By STILL TEK PEI NOMOA..

Hope we have laws to ceased salaries otherwise by lelbt unfair.....think think nomoa