Time has passed with so much on our back that it feels like the 7th of July 1978 was just yesterday.

I for one sometimes feel as if we have not given enough time to set alight deveploment across the face of Solomon Islands. But time speaks for it self- the 7th of July 2008 marks thirty years of independence, and so much could have been done.

But look at what we have after these years. Truly our nation has been through a lot of hard times and that might have been the cause of our current development stage which some had nick named "The Failed State."

But wait, can we allow ourselves to be labeled like that for life? We mustn't.
Too many times we ordinary citizens tend to think that development is the government's job. But look around you, there are so many things that you can do to help the economy of the country. Walk around Honiara, too many rubbishes around, right? Well we can change that for good if we have our attitudes changed. Too many times our attitudes have tarnished the name of our beautiful country in such a way that visitors don't want to come. I always talk tourism because that is one of the means by which this country of ours will be able to move toward.

Besides that there are other liitle income-generating activities in which we youths can engage ourselves in rather then selling Kwaso and Marijuana.

Those are just thoughts but may I wish every one a blessed Independence Celebration.