Yesterday I saw many police vehicle on the road, and this made me feel safe, but I also remember the dark times we have been going through as a country.

But why do people want to march? It will not change anything? Just write letters and hold meetings with officials of the Prime Minister and find a way to solve what you disagree about.

Many of us disagree with many things but to march is not the answer.

When the town is full of rubbish who do we blame? HCC? No, we the people litter.

When we are not happy with development who do we blame? Government? No, we the people block development on our land.

When we complain that our leaders they into corruption who do we blame? For this one, we only should blame the man in the mirror because we vote them and give the power to them.

So don't march and waste time, vote and change people to fit your mind so that you satisfy.