I am heartbroken. I am frustrated. I am sad for our children's future.

I read what Premier Leslie Kikolo stated and I believe what he said was true, but this is exactly what happened in 2019, when China Sam signed an illegal agreement to lease our former capital Tulagi for 75 years with exclusive development rights to build civil and military projects. All Solomon Islanders and the world were shocked by China Sam's deceitful intent.

The international media spoke out against this threat to our sovereignty. Thankfully, our Attorney General John Muria tore up the Tulagi deal and exposed China Sam's unlawful intent. This SHOULD have been the end of China Sam in our country.

Unfortunately, history is repeating itself. On Tuesday 27 July a leaked document clearly showed deceitful China Sam is back again. But this time hiding behind a big Chinese weapons company AVIC.

At first when I saw this document I also did not believe it, it seemed outrageous to see their ambitions spelled out on paper. After reading Premier Kikolo's statement I wanted to find the facts and here they are:

- China Sam wants exclusive rights to Solomon Islands land for 75 years.
- China Sam has a master plan to develop projects for the People's Liberation Army Navy on Solomon Islands land.
- China Sam is partnering with AVIC Intl Project Engineering Company.
- China Sam has directly contacted Solomon Islands Government officials including the Premier of Isabel Province Leslie Kikolo, Premier of Central Province Stanley Manetiva and Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Manasseh Sogavare.

This is the second time China Sam has tried to develop big projects in Solomon Islands (from what we know).

After examining the document again it appears it is a draft. It would explain the missing signatures and stamps. In the document, why cross out words speaking of military plans? I think China Sam is trying to hide their true intent and ambitions from Isabel Province and the Solomon Islands Government.

What did they say to Premier Leslie Kikolo?

Maybe they told him what they wanted to hear?

Schools and training workshops? Those words are not crossed out, is this a way for them to get into our country?

In 2019 we outed them for their false intentions. Now they are trying to deceive us AGAIN with projects our country needs while hiding their plans for a military base just as they wanted in Tulagi.

The AG recognised how dangerous this was for the Solomon Islands and he found the agreement was unlawful because:

"the China Sam Group of Companies have not obtained Foreign Investor status nor have been registered as Foreign Investors under the Foreign Investment Act 2005 which is a breach of section 12 of the Foreign Investment Act 2005"

According to the Invest Solomons website, China Sam Investment Group directed by Changyu Xu (previously seen in photos with PM Sogavare) have obtained Foreign Investor status on 28 April 2020 AND have now registered offices in Guadacanal, Western Province and Choiseul.

Now that China Sam is registered in the Solomon Islands it looks like they are fulfilling their intention to develop military projects in our country.

What other projects are they hiding? Is their another Strategic Cooperation Agreement like we saw in 2019? Does China Sam want to build military bases in Western Province and Choiseul?! Are they looking at turning Solomon Islands into a colony?

What does this mean for our future and our children?

I hope our government stands up and puts and end to this.