The USA signed on with China many, many years ago in hopes of capitalism bringing down the communist regime. It didn’t work. Instead the Communist Regime stayed in control and power of even the capitalist and so called ‘free sectors’.

There is nothing ‘Free’ in China. The State (Communist Party) controls and has power over the media, the military, the churches, the hospitals, the business’s, and every facet within China’s ever expanding boundaries.

Yesterday it was Hong Kong (interestingly taken back during the pandemic that China still has not opened its doors to a honest and transparent investigation of), today it’s the countries that stand in the way of their ambition of world dominance such as Taiwan and any nation (or province- Malaita) supporting them.

There is ample evidence of China interfering with our education, technology and universities within the USA. Also evidence of tampering with our elections here.

China will try and take over Taiwan - if they have to bribe or pay countries billions to accomplish there goal it’s still cheaper less costly than war- so they’ve systematically launched a campaign to sever all international ties with Taiwan- they use money to do this.

They used money for the Solomons and they will use money to achieve their goal. A country can take China’s money but a country or a province who’s people and leaders value freedom, liberty and democracy will not sell their souls at so small a price.

For Liberty, freedom and democracy can’t be purchased with money but only with blood. This is what so many people have either never known or forgotten. Don’t sell out what came at so great a cost to many a life.