The call by the Masina Forum for all the Malaitan MPs to join the Sogavare's Government is quite interesting.

I do not believe the call by Masina Forum. Their call is just a reflection of the views of the Secretary and the President of Masina Forum. It is not a position by the people of Malaita. This is because the duo are so close to Sogavare. The duo are Sogavare's cronies. They have been brain-washed by Sogavare and will continue to do so.

If the call is from the chiefs and elders in Malaita then that would have an ounce of standing in that it reflects the position of Malaitans in relation to the current political crisis.

Therefore, though Masina Forum has a right to speak out during such a political crisis; it should be mindful of the views from the people of Malaita. It should not make sweeping statements.