The reason for the vote of no confidence in the current CINURA government is premature and the reasons given for the motion in my humble opinion takes advantage of the ignorance of the majority of Solomon Islands who now believe that the price of goods in the shop is the work of the current government. This is very far from the truth as many have highlighted. The best the Opposition can do is to allow the current government to complete its plans.

I am affected by current price hike but global events dictate much of what is happening in Honiara and I think the government and opposition should not blame each other but educate the masses of the difficult times ahead.

A vote of no confidence as a means of checks and balances is not the way forward.

Please CINURA take the lead by informing the masses about what is causing the daily increase in the price of goods and services and what you are doing to assist this nation to recover in the future.

God Bless Solomon Islands