Dear editor

The above subject matters because of increasing social media users that coming up in every year. Many of us young people and some adult that always create group chat in face book are brain washing some of the young people also young girls by sending, pornographic photographs and videos that are not really meant for that kind of communication.

And also today in Solomon island there are many new group chat message that full of pornographic send by people from all around the pacific and including Solomon island which has the biggest number of young people and fake account.

However, some children today are addicts in social media since in primary and some are using fake account to hide from their parent, so this issue of using fake account in face book needs to strategy to take care of by our PM.

Our fellow citizen need to used only right account required and real names, because fake account contributes to more problems in face book, like people swearing and arguing with fake account. Some of this issues bring adults to involves in trafficking with in the country and rap, because they usually watch pornographic photos and videos in the group chat or dirty chat with other young prostitutes.

Finally, our PM should address this problems if not there will more problems arise within the country which lead to more crime and deaths and early married and trafficking, brain washing young people. Our country needs to well improve and strict in social media platform, and how our citizen are using it to communicates with others, beside its will help our future generation and safety of our young people with in the country.