I heard that a week ago, a Bougainvillian fishermen was stopped in his canoe and immediately his fishing tools were broken by Solomon island border cop watchers!! Border watchers should avoid such unkind practice".

Bougainville are a neighboring wantok who recently try to formalize its independence and want support from friendly country like Solomon islands.

I'm speaking here in a sense that the unwanted practices of unkindness to our neighborhood country must be stop especially at our sea border(EEZ) by our border keepers.

If the practice continually grows it will go worsen and the matters will not be go within our region. Or even political promotions with our governments will not be considered by others.

Therefore, cop watchers at the border must uphold a good relationship with those people, I mean its right to avoid people not to enter our boundary but resist them in a rightful way. We should stand together, support and make friendship with our close Melanesian neighbour and our Melanesian region will prosper.

Thank you.