I am writing with reference to the above order. Throughout the Solomon island there great skills and knowledge's, hard-working students and they have better dreams and goals for this country but because of luck of compass in the country or space to do their studies they become board and feel lazy to attend their class and many student spend their time studies late night at USP main compass , dry blooded all night while others want to do the same but there is not enough space to do their studies. As we can see also every year we as student in USP compass have to set for hours also to get to the cashier and even this can delay the time for year 13 or form 7 student who can travel by ship or truck to schools to start late with their classes.

By building the fourth USP compass in Solomon give student quick access and easier way to get the document and by their resources on time to start their foundation studies and other higher programmed of studies to done quickly, we USP student are fortunate to have that new compass available for us. There are more student to come and years that ahead that numbers of student will exceed the numbers of compass and budget of PM, so to building the fourth compass in Solomon island I think is the right idea and its effective way for the long run, USP compass and student. through expanding USP compass student will no have to go out study in overseas country so that government can increase their allowance and have money to improve other facilities in the compass and for those who interested go study overseas.

So this will help the students and citizens of this country in many ways, and I really appreciate and grateful for the new upcoming USP compass, and thank you very much PM for addressing that issues and working together with outside country for professional workers to build the compass looking forward to see it.