Hello Wantoks,

What is going on with our Leaders? It's not even a year yet since the Sogavare Government was brought down and now he is trying to get back into power again using the high cost of living and Telekom Strike as an excuse?

I think these are very very weak points of arguments to try and get back in into Power.

The former Sogavare Government had done more damage then good to our nation both locally and internationally.

The high cost of living is not an issue affecting the Solomons alone. Here in Australia, price of goods have also dramatically increased just like fuel. It therefore doesnt surprise me that the goods in the Solomons have also gone up and simply because it's all imported. This is not something that the Sikua Government cannot have direct control over it overnight.

Using the Telekom Strike as another weakness is again a very weak argument. For us to be expecting Political interference at all times in the affairs of National Enterprises is something we have to be very careful about. It needs to be carefully analysed and monitored before taking the right decisions. In the case of Solomon Telekom, at least their cry had been heard, Mr Rini has taken action on it and the workers are back to work with very limited impact to public.

Dr Sikua's leadership had done so much more good than what Mr Sogavare did. SInce Dr Sikua came into power, Solomons image on a National and Internationally level had been restored and confidence is at least now at its peak, a challenge that the Sogavare government inflicted.

Investors are alot more confident now then when Mr Sogavare was in power.

The best that any government can do now is to plan strategically for tommorrow, it cannot be achieved over night.

If prices on goods and fuel are out of our controls, then may be a long term plan to make sure that Salaries across the Country also increase to combat the problems. If Busineses are increasing their prices to combat the challenge then why arent their workers given the same payrise?.

I hope that the Sikua government can remain in power until the next election and continue to do the good things it's doing now.