Thank you for raising this sensitive issue. I think applying common sense to such situations demands border police to be strict in policing the common border. What it implies is that people living in and around are to be very very clear on issues surrounding strict administrations of those measures.

To me, in times where the lives and livelihood of innocent common border users matters most, where our poor countries very limited capacities to maintain economic stability and very weak capabilities to fight this deadly covid-19 pandemic with unwarranted close contact.

Protection measure applies to both side of border users because to both sides deployed border protection units and personals avoiding close contact during unwarranted apprehension situations is a must. The nature of this covid-19 pandemic demands that the only reliable way to avoid such situations is to Socially distance ourselves. Close contact must be avoided at all cost to stop transmission. And this should signal us to be cautious and respect the strict measures put in place true to its strict sense.

Again to me, this has nothing to do with intimidations my brother but protection at its best. Remember relaxing or mismanaging common border controls encourages transmissions as the present case if I may refer to recent surge of cases in PNG/INDONESIA border.
Let us support each other to protect ourselves and our families.