Experiencing a situation personally has profound effects and last longer.

I salute you PM and your delegation for making this important visit. Thank you Hon Chris Laore to accompanied him (PM) around.

I believe you really enjoyed the scenario and may be have the first hand experience with the government workers at the border who were tirelessly caring out their duties.

While I guess this short visit coincide with Choiseul Province second appointed day celebrations at Taro, I feel that there should be more of this type of visit to our people in the very remote parts of country and not just Choiseul and Shortland's.

How about visiting very remote parts of Makira, Ysabel, Temotu, or Renbel.

Mr. Manasseh Sogavare you have served longer than any honorable as Prime Minister of this nation and personal encounters to our remote communities gives them more meanings to a very high government leader such as a Prime Minister of a country.

Your Government Policies that were designed to cater and to lift off neglected and marginalized people out from poverty from the comfort of government office aircon closed doors cannot be more meaningful unless otherwise be impersonated.

Sad a those costly policies which are designed and used to render a short lived purposes in the face of dire expectations from those of us eating scrapes.

Live the talk.