In society where large percentage of youths want to go entrepreneurial that is, striving to enter in entrepreneurship perhaps specifically want to start a business that will sustain them in a world full of needs and responsibilities. But then they get stuck because of financial crisis.

However, Malaita province is now in the mood of supporting youths to build on farming and especially planting kava. So I am very proud to see Malaita youths take it serious to cultivate kava. As they believe in the betterment of the province is through farming. Not for Malaita itself can do this, its on the shoulder of our nation Solomon Islands to help people to engage in farming in order to improve and develop societies.

Lastly, thanks to Mr. Phillip Maesubua the Malaita youth president for working together with provincial government to support Malaita people.

"Continue with the work and God will do the rest..."