Dear editor

I wish to write to you about the issues of throwing rubbish and the act of bad behavior which result in blocking of drainage and water runway which end up make lots of pool near the roads.

We as a Solomon islanders we should be taking care of our towns and community to avoid littering. We must have a mind set and sense to do the right thing, we should throw rubbish at the right place.

To those who are always practicing that habit I urge you to stop and those that help should talk to them. As I walk along the road in town ground, Kukum bus stop, point cruise I can see all the rubbish that is being dumped since last week, and that is how the drain are blocked causing flooding on our roads.

Its sad to see others are trying to help clean up the town but some are careless and littering. We should have mercy and feel sorry for those people who try to clean up our town and we too should learn and follow the same practice to clean our town.

Finally, we need to help and stand by each other and work together, these things are not hard to do like use the rubbish bin, talk to those who are not listening and if you as a citizen I urge you to do the right thing, and show the best practice and keep our town clean.