The revelation by the opposition leader that a faction of the ruling CNURA Government is backing him to move a motion of no confidence during the next sitting of parliament is not only disturbing but also spine-chilling to many citizens who had always dreamt of having a stable government in their country - the happy isles. It is disturbing because the outbursts of the opposition-whip imply a lot about the attributes of our leaders as we have found in previous years.

But why would some parliamentarians in the current coalition government or any government that we've had in past years shift position all of a sudden? Or say horrible things about their team-mates to members of the opposition or even plan to oust the government they helped to form?

Are they traitors? Do they have a sense of loyalty, allegiance and trust? Do they have a sense of belonging to a political grouping? Are our politicians conscious of our diverse cultural differences and complexities and care enough to work together to iron out those differences for the sake of our young people who are doubtful about their destiny and future life? C'mon politicians wake up and show directions to our young people! You need to work together as a team to bring about tangible development in our country? More than anything else, you will lead us nowhere with your nonsense and mudslinging politics!