It amuses me to see how unstable our political status is. Its very difficult for solomon islands to set its priorities right in terms of development when decision makers (the politician) are fighting to gain power to rule. The very core of developing solomon islands with the limited resources and finances we have is for politicians to consider that they have a significant role to influence development and to ensure the people first approach rather than political tug of war for their political gains.

The process of developing action plans takes time as well as implementing and evaluating the successes of developmental programs, therefore havings waves of motion of no confidence is not the best option to topple successive governments. Politicians should work together on issues that are critical to the nation rather than taking advantage of the weaknesses of a ruling government to take power and start all over again.

Normally, the process leading up to the motion of no confidence resulted in politicians isolated their commitments and uses whatever resources they have to secure the majority. This often resulted in misappropriation of finances that were supposed to provide for essential services and crucial needed developments.
I know its a democratic right of members of the parliament to move motion of no confidence against a ruling government but with the current status issues we have, let political partnership prevail. Collective decision making helps ease many complex situations, so why not embrace it so that we can move forward.