I would like to clarify to Sa'omoana that I have to stop blaming the Brits. coz its all in the past.I know that coz we can never bring the past back.I bet that you [Sa'omoana]must be from the Solos.
Okay for you to know, it is not a fact that the fiji government's interest is to protect the natives interest...it is the indigenous fijians themselves and they will do anything to safeguard it and this is attributed to the political turmoil in the forms of the coups.I know that many indo-fijians left our shores because of this and nothing can bring that back. But for you to say that the fijian government is responsible for safeguarding the interest at the expanse of staging a coup is not correct. there are certain elements in our society that will do anything to have fijian interests protected and not only indo-fijians left....many fijians too left our shores but the majority were the indo-fijians...however about your case in the SI, well you need to ask yourself who are the minorities in your country? who are the indigneous.?what is causing all the turmoil in your country?