Dear editor,

People in this country still not guarantee to participate well in the production pool of this country! "Our country's Vision is happy and productive Solomon Islands", this needs to be reflected in our people's life and action.

Copra, Cocoa, Kava, Ginger and other local farmers produce cannot reach Honiara business exporters that already receive millions of dollars and never will increase production capacity unless the Government support the village farmer owners to boost the production rate on their side.

The exporters even if they have money, low production from village or community will mean nothing to the idea of increasing exporting rates and growth of our economy. Also involve local or village businesses in all provinces to participate in down stream processing programs of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries for the economy to be silently move forward as people will participate and contribute in the economical activities of our country.

A lot of people may have potentials in their part but let the government trust and encourage or motivate our people to venture on those ideas rather than the responsible authorities dictate peoples action for the growth of our country. Coconut Plantation owners, Cocoa Plantation owners, Kava and Ginger farm owners need financial support from the government of the day.

People have heard a lot of funds, or millions of dollars coming into our country especially ESP but people in the village still yet to feel the experience of assisting them purposely to boost the economy.

The assistance should be directly involve those who have trees in their lands encourage sustainable harvesting of trees for timber production for exporting rather than logging, owners of coconut or cocoa plantations and farmers, local fishermen in the villages to participate and boost our economy and food security in our country.

Thank you for allowing our thoughts as farmers to be published.