Telekom makes millions because Robinson charge the people of Solomons very expensive charges. Telekom services & charges are very high and this retards growth in the country.

Let me give you an example. Vodafone Sim card in Australia costs only AUD$15.00. That is all you pay and you get connected. That will be equal to about SBD$109.00 on today's exchange rate. But yet Robinson charges the people of Solomon Islands about SBD$400.00.

You can even get 1G, with shaped service if you use more, for a month on broadband services in most Australian ISP forms for AUD$29.95. This is unlimited access on ADSL service. Service will be back to normal speed on the beginging of each month.

Robinson should have introduced the cheap phone techology that is called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This service cuts phone bills in Australia. You ring through the Internet. Most VOIP providers in Australia provide free calls to any landlines in Australia and cheap mobile calls. They also have cheap international calls on VOIP service.