When I applied for the stimulus package before the closing date, I doubt that my project will be approved.

I am saying this because our Member of Parliament has the list of his voters in which he uses that as the baseline of his assistance.

Also, I wrote many articles questioning the government over the way they registered West Rennell in which they include my lands including those that are still in court against the Lands and Titles Act.

Furthermore, I wrote letters to question the process in which Asia Pacific Investment Development (APID), a locally registered logging company, owned by a Malaysian Chinese, acquired two different prospecting license: PL04/08 and PL05/08, which were merged into one mining lease against the Mines and Minerals Act.

Despite my fear as briefly stated above, I purposely submitted an application for a fishing project in order to utilize my family and tribe resources, especially our marine resources to help out rebuild the country's economy that is declining due to the negative effect of Covid-19.

I also submitted that project proposal as was advised by a friend who claim to be working well with some of his friends working in the PMO that I barely believed to test the integrity of those that approve projects call for resources owners to open up their resources for development.

Nevertheless, I am waiting for the outcome to my application, if its approve that would be best; but if not, then let the government stop asking true landowners like Pautangata to open up their lands for development until the laws are being followed.

I also agree with Rex who earlier requested for the government to publish the list of names of those who applied for the stimulus package and include the type of projects they applied for, the project site and the amount requested.

I said this because there was an application made by someone I know who applied for a fishing project but the proposed site of his fishing project is a piece of land in the middle of the bush of Rennell.

Interestingly, someone working in one of the ministries assisted that person to put together the project, and I'm just wondering whether the person knows the proposed site of the project, or he assisted that person to qualify his share of the project to rob the genuine resource owners.

May I then appeal to the government to please make sure that you are honest, fair and just in your dealings with the stimulus package?