When will we have a government which is stable and free to rule? We can't afford to have all sort of changes happening every now and then.

Don't you guys know that it's just a stone throw away to another general election?
We need to settle down. There are so many things to fight over than this senseless power you people are running after.

Look around, this beautiful nation of ours is slowly turning itself into a mad- hot spot for angry people - the Telekom saga, and on top of that, the goods on the shelves are sky rocketing every day - these issues have showered us with a lot of pain that we tend to do nothing but cry out to you for a way out.

But look at you! You guys seem to be doing your own business up there!
As a student, I can't see any future from here because it just looks dark.

It's hopeless, with the type of leaders that we have now, to think that we are studying towards a safe and happy Solomon.