For the first time my area was very quite, even the animals were very quite. This is the first lock down and I am very impressed in how my area respond to the lockdown.

Just before 6pm vehicles were zooming past my house trying to get home before lockdown start. As soon as the clock strike 6pm my area was practicing lock down, and we were very serious. I noticed a few things that I want to raise.

1) It was a 36 hour lockdown, and we were ready for it because it was on the media and we knew it. So we bought basic things to last us 36 hours. I was thinking to myself if we have a confirmed case and only limited time for lockdown what will happen if people run out of food? We need to prepare our citizens, will there be food distribution? Or maybe people allowed to go to shops?

2) I notice a lot of police vehicle driving around, but I think if it was a real lockdown and whole of Honiara and maybe Guadalcanal is lockdown than will we have enough patrols? Enough police? Maybe we should re-visit the special constable in the past? Lock down is only effective if we can enforce it.

3) The special permit should be limited during a real lock down. Maybe just limit it to enforcement agencies and our front line team. Because this people are train and they know what to do. If we extend to others than we are risking our communities.

So just some small thinking for today.