Dear editor,

I ma fascinated that your country, amongst a few others, still have zero case if the Coronavirus.

Here in Portugal I think we were lucky in that we declared a state of emergency very early, just a few days after the first COVID-19 death was reported.

So far, Portugal has 535 COVID-19 deaths, which works out as 52 per one million of our population.

Compare that to Spain, with more than 18,000 have been killed by the disease, giving it a rate of 385 fatalities for each one million inhabitants.

So far we are doing ok.

I also on your website that the testing machine has arrived, which is very good for your country.

The only thing I can say based on our experience is that there has to be a massive testing campaign of the general population.

One thing that had me thinking when reading through countries that are in fact COVID-19 free is that most, if not all, do not have the capacity to test in-country. I think that says a lot.

Test, test, test!

God bless!