I see the issue of Solair & Telekom through more than one frame. Not only through the Structure frame but more so through Symbolic, Psychosocial and Political Frames.

Structural issues are minor issues in the Solair & Telekom conflicts. To put too much emphasis on structure will be to miss the target. I believe the main issues at stake are to do with symbolic structures (staff values & long-term ideas, etc), Psychosocial structures (motivations, rewards, staff developments, etc) and Political structures (balance of power by our Indigenous employess, to give due respect to the status of Indigenous personnels, etc).

An expartriate is the Head of Solair and an expartriate is the Head of Telekom. I believe the fundamental issues are the same in both firms. To see the focus on Structure alone on these two Companies would be to get wrong solutions to the problems. Let our people & Leaders see through other windows (frames) for analysis.

Listern to our Indigenous Employees. They all singing the same tune. I believe in what they all say.

Em sapala idea oloketa wantok. Iumi ting ting guti fasteam.