S. Hawea's reply to Morris Kakea's short article entitle "Institutionalizing our ethnicity" desperately missed the whole point and the fact of the matter. Hawea needs to stop blaming Britain because we are not living in the past.
It is a fact that the Fiji government's main interest, since independence, is protecting the natives (indigenous) interest and that has been the main cause of all the political turmoil in Fiji since that culminated in the coups of 1987 and 2000. If you failed to see it then find out how many Indo-Fijians left Fiji to Australia, New Zealand, US, and Canada in the last 10 years.
Kakea's call for our government to be fair in naming a government ministry is a genuine call. One of the main responsibilities of an independent country is to be fair to everyone, in our case, amends the colonial's evil attitude and change it for the better.
However, to have a Ministry of Indigenous affairs, responsible for "indigenous affairs" in Solomon Islands is quite a stretch. We need to ask our selves, who are these indigenous people because we our people live in Solomon Islands for centuries? is this another attempt to suppress minorities? As a minority in Solomon Islands, we feel the government is missing something and is heading the wrong way.