Can someone with credible information let us know:

i) The underlying reason why Mr. Robinson sacked Zoleveke? What had Zoleveke done wrong? What are the grounds for the sacking? Did Robinson have the authority to sack Zoleveke? Please let us know the reasons;

ii) why Telekom's indigenous workers want Robinson sacked? Apart from the discrimination argument, what are the other reasons? Is Robinson professionally incapable of managing Telekom? Is there misconduct in office so the workers want him to leave?

iii) Do the workers have a candidate in mind should the shareholders remove Robinson? If yes, who is that person? What are his level of professional experience and technical competence? What are his qualifications? Is he financial literate? Is he a strategic and progressive thinking person?

The Telekom saga is spiraling out of control and so it is important that we are given the facts so we can draw our own conclusions. Waiting to hear from you.