Solomon Islands learn some hard lessons in the months leading up to its 30th
birthday. These lessons come in through cultivating a few seeds, seeds that has monopolized a certain aspect of our country. The forestry sector controls a big stake of government and export revenue, while Telekom monopolizes the telecommunication industry.

We may not see the bad harvest when we first planted these seeds; which showed our deficiency in foresight. But along the way when our stock begins to run out, prices not in our favor, and pests continue to be a problem, we realized our fate if we continue to rely in these seeds. The problem though is that we did not take heed and did not take the necessary steps to help ourselves.

As usual we are a last minute people, we act only when problems reach a critical stage. We react to situation than planning ahead or than consistently following our good plans. We have good plans and regulations that are top class but we have failed to implement and enforce them.

At the time of our independence the focus of our nation was on rural areas. Thirty years later we still find ourselves in this primary concern; rural advancement and development. This is relevant as most of our people and resources are in the villages. But when and how are we going to transcend in the next 10, 20, and 30 years?

These coming weeks will be a time of celebration and showcase of some good things we have achieved. We should also take the time for a deep reflection as a nation turning thirty. Have we been consistently following our plans? Can we be more flexible to adjust to challenges? Have we followed our laws and regulations that protect good practices within our society? How can we accelerate further to sufficiently meet the needs of our people?